Here are the conferences where I have presented.

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Program Title: Think Outside the Board; Creative Smartboard Uses
Program Description: Is your whiteboard still a "puzzle"? Let me "put the pieces together". By using a few applications and thinking SMARTer, you’ll engage students with these interesting, curriculum-based ideas. We’ll cover creative uses for your Smartboard. This presentation will be given by a 2008 Pa Keystone Educator and Smartboard certified instructor.

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TRETC 2008

Thinking Outside the board; Getting Creative with Your SMARTboard
Presenter: Joe Oliphant, Technology Integration Director Propel Schools (Keystone)
Focus: Are you really interacting with your whiteboard? or is it still a "puzzle"? Let me help "put the pieces together"... By using a few applications and thinking a little SMARTer, you will engage your children everyday with these interesting, curriculum-based, ideas for instruction. This presentation will cover many creative uses for your Smartboard .


2009 Keystone Summit.

I presented on behalf of SMART Technologies.