Do you have a document camera in your classroom? Are you using it to it's full potential? Document cameras come in many shapes and sizes and are an awesome tool to use in the classroom. If you look below, I have included many ideas and easy ways to successfully integrate a document camera into your classroom.

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Document Camera Lessons -

Here are some great resource links:

Using Document Cameras in the Early Childhood Classroom
This page has a list of idea for integrating the use of document camera in the early childhood classroom.

100 Ideas for Data Projector and Document Camera
Read a list of ideas using a data projector and document camera in the classroom.

Classroom Uses for a Document Camera
This page describes different ways of using document cameras by subject areas.

Lesson Plan: And The Beat Goes On
This four-page PDF file is a lesson plan about a pulsating culmination investigation of the circulatory system by using a document camera.

Lesson Plan: Do You See What I See?
This four-page PDF file is a lesson plan aiming to help kindergarten students develope inquiry skills through the use of various technology tools including document camera.

Lesson Plan: The Hunt for 3D Shapes
In this 13-page PDF file lesson plan, students will learn about 3D shapes of geometry.

101 Ways Teachers Use Document Cameras
In this Word document, there is a list of ideas for using document cameras in classroom.

Elmo Tickles Student Writers
Read a success story of how a teacher used the document camera to improve students' writing. NOTE: This site includes discussion forums and ads.

Article: Document Cameras
This page provides general information about document cameras and teaching strategies including direct instruction, classroom demonstrations, and engaging students. NOTE: This site includes ads and links to external websites.